DCARA Activities

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License Classes

DCARA offers Technician and General License Classes periodically. The latest classes can be found on the Calendar.

If you are interested in an unscheduled training class send email training@dcara.net to be notified when a class is planned.

  • Technician: Not currently scheduled.
  • General: May 20 & 21, 2023. See details here.
  • FEMA 100 & 700: Not currently scheduled.
  • Training & Information Net: First 3 Mondays of each month. See Calendar.
  • ARES Training Net: 3rd Thursday of the month. See Calendar.

DFW Ham Expo

We organize the newest hamfest in the North Texas area – DFW Ham Expo – held the first full weekend in June.

DFW Ham Expo 2023

Field Day

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Public Service

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Regularly Scheduled Nets

Information and Training Net – Mondays (except 4th of month) at 8:00 P.M. – 146.920
ARES Training Net – Thursday immediately prior to club meeting at 7:30 P.M. – 146.920
Digitally Speaking Net – Each Sunday at 2:00 P.M. – 146.920

Net Control Station startup and shutdown scripts

Scheduled nets on the W5NGU D-Star System are as follows:

Module:B -Sunday—— Start:1855 Stop:1957 REF001C
(International DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Sunday—— Start:1959 Stop:2100 REF002A
(SE Weather Net)

Module:B -Monday—– Start:1955 Stop:2058 REF063C
(Western Pennsylvania DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Monday—– Start:2100 Stop:2330 REF038C
(Raspberry Pi Net)

Module:B -Tuesday—- Start:1955 Stop:2100 REF004B
(Texas DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Tuesday—- Start:2155 Stop:2359 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Tech Net)

Module:B -Wednesday— Start:2055 Stop:2230 REF014C
(HamNation After-Show DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Thursday– Start:2025 Stop:2130 REF067B

Module:B -Thursday– Start:2155 Stop:2359 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Roundtable)

Module:B -Friday- Start:0000 Stop:0200 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Roundtable – continued)

All times are local.

Users may interrupt the link by issuing the standard unlink command.
The user then has 10 minutes to link to another system before the scheduler attempts to re-connect. If the repeater is already linked when the scheduled time rolls around, the scheduler will not interrupt a previously established link unless the timeout period (one hour with no local transmit activity) expires.

Latest DCARA Activities