Officer’s Meeting

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This event is running from 4 March 2024 until 7 December 2026. It is next occurring on June 3, 2024 7:00 pm

  • Venue: Denton County Administrative Courthouse (2020 Room)
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The elected officers meet on the first Monday of each month to conduct the business and set the agenda of each member meeting. Per our by-laws all members are welcome to attend as well as anyone that wants to present opportunities to the officers. Due to scheduling conflicts the officers may post-pone this meeting from time-to-time and reschedule at the next available opportunity. Space is limited for this meeting as it is held in a small conference room.

This meeting location has changed to the follow location:

611 Kimberly Drive
Suite 151 (Build B)
Denton, TX

Park in Parking Lot B.