Recently the University of North Texas has initiated two Amateur Radio related activities. If you are part of the UNT community (student, faculty, staff), you may be interested!

The first is the revival of the W5UNT Amateur Radio club. Still in the formation stages, we are securing a new location on campus and will soon initiate our first meeting to talk about plans, future events, and building the ham community at UNT. There is already significant interest in this project and it ties well in with the Emergency Management and Engineering schools at UNT. We are seeking all hams who are part of UNT as students, alumni, faculty, and staff (past or present) to be part of the club.

The second activity is a new UNT Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which recently opened on campus. As a needed component of any agile EOC, having strong deployable communications is important and so the UNT EOC is seeking licensed UNT related hams to form an ARES-like group to support drills and events on campus. A kick-off meeting for this communications support team will commence soon, and so we are seeking all who may be interested in assisting, especially if on campus daily or frequently.

Both of these organizations will work closely with DCARA and DCARES for advice, counsel and collaborative events including training and licensing of new hams.

So if you are part of UNT as students, faculty or staff (past or present), and would like to be a part of these, please send an email to:

With your name, call-sign, affiliation with UNT, and your email address.

Please specify which organizations you are interested in being a part:

If you know other hams who are not in DCARA, but are part of UNT, please forward this email to them as well.

We will collect and build the list of interested parties and send an e-mail with announcements, information and calendar events soon.

Thank you!

Gordon Albury